Danny the Dog (B.O.F)

-  Enregistré en : 2004
-  Sortie : 12 octobre 2004


Danny the Dog

1 Opening Title
2 Atta' Boy
3 P Is For Piano
4 Simple Rules
5 Polaroid Girl
6 Sam' s Tunes
7 One Thought At A Time
8 Confused Images
9 Red Light Means Go
10 Collar Stays On
11 You' ve Never Had A Dream
12 Right Way To Hold A Spoon
13 Everybody' s Got A Family
14 Two Rocks And A Cup Of Water
15 Sweet Is Good
16 Montage
17 Everything About You Is New
18 The Dog Obeys
19 Danny The Dog
20 I Am Home
21 The Academy

En exclusité pour Massive Attack Area, une interview de Jérôme Lateur, Directeur de la Division Musique de la Société EuropaCorp.

You will find HERE an interview of Jerome LATEUR, executive Director of the Music Division of EuropaCorp, exclusively for Massive Attack Area.

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