Morcheeba (interview en VO)

-  Just before their new album « The antidote », Paul Godfrey has accept to answer our questions.

Thanks Paul.

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MAA : ‘ The antidote’ , your 5th album, will be released at the beginning of May; I do think all your fans can’ t wait to discover Daisy Martey, your new singer. How does she feel knowing that the album is out soon? What about you, Ross and Paul?
Paul : I think we are all very much aware of our situation, so far the reaction has been amazing but we are really looking forward to playing live and getting a direct reaction from our fans. I guess you could say that we are nervous and excited in equal measures.

MAA : How did you meet Daisy (casting, acquaintances?)
Paul : Daisy was introduced to us by a friend, we loved her voice but thought she would be busy so didn’ t expect her to want the job. We were thrilled to discover she was up for it!

MAA : What’ s her personal musical background?
Paul : Daisy was classically trained. I’ m not sure what that involves.

MAA : Did you know straight away she was the right singer you were looking for? Did you consider the possibility of having a male singer in Morcheeba?
Paul : We were open to anything but found it tough to find the right people.

MAA : Musically speaking, what are your feelings about « The Antidote » compared to your 4 precedent albums?
Paul : I personally feel the antidote is a massive leap forward, though I still love our old records. This is the first record where Ross and I fully
controlled the arrangement and production.

MAA : Please, give us a taste of this new album ;o)
Paul : You’ ll have to wait or check the War child website.

MAA : How do you write or compose?
Paul : It depends but generally Ross and I sit in our studio jamming until we have an idea we really feel is strong. Ross writes the music and I write the words, Daisy also helped with the melodies that we structured.

MAA : I’ ve read on the site that Ross had had a rock band called « The Jukes », is it still on? Would you like to tell us more about it Ross?
Paul : Yes the Jukes have a website.

MAA : What are you musical influences? What’ s on your decks at the moment?
Paul : At the moment I am listening to old blues like Honeyboy Edwards.

MAA : As you might be aware of, we are the webmasters of a site dedicated to Massive Attack, what do you think of their carrier? Do you enjoy their music?
Paul : I really liked their first album and a couple of singles.

MAA : French TV network often uses trip hop or down tempo tracks to illustrate some of their documentaries or reality shows ( for instance : the french version of the reality show « We’ ve switched mums » uses your track « blindfold ») How do you feel about that?
Paul : I think its great whenever people get to hear our music, sometimes its funny in a surreal way.

MAA : You will be soon on tour in The United Kingdom and in Europe, are you worried about the audience’ s reaction toward Daisy, or do you feel totally confident about it?
(See above)

MAA : Do you already have an idea about the set list?
Paul : Yes its all the classics with some of the new record.

MAA : What about the support act (guests)? Should your fans expect one or maybe more? If so, would you give us a hint?
Paul : I believe we will be touring with a great band called husky rescue.

MAA : A one-off gig in France in Paris, should we expect other ones later in other french cities?
Paul : Yes definitely, we love france so we will be playing all over in the autumn.

Thanks for the lovely questions !
Paul G

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